Apr 12, 2015

Chanlay Bang Khun Thian Beach Resort Near Bangkok

Beach Resort Near Bangkok

Today, I am at Bang Khun Thian. No! I don’t come to eat seafood, but I want to change a place to sleep. When I talk about Bang Khun Thian, I believe that many people think of a seafood restaurant. In holidays, there are many vehicles run widely. 

They are not vehicles from other provinces. They are vehicles from Bangkok. For people in Bangkok, this is the freshest and nearest source of seafood.

As they say, there are hardly tourist attractions in Bang Khun Thian where attract tourists. In my opinion, it cannot compete with nearby sea such as Bang Pu and Bang Saen

It has only place for watching pink dolphins. Furthermore, it has only one time in a year.

beach resort near bangkok thailand
The sun rises at Chanlay Resort

If we go to Bang Khun Thian, we will see accommodations sparsely. They may not be splendid resorts because most of them are homestays. Moreover, there are few people look for an accommodation in Bang Khun Thian since it is so near Bangkok that we spend time only 30 minutes for traveling.

Apr 7, 2015

Travel to Pai and Pang Aung Mae Hong Son Province Completely without a Private Car

 Pai Thailand

Although, Pai is crowden of tourists, it is the main destination in the wintter for most tourists. Surely, when tourists increase mor and more, all entrepreneurs also increase more and more. In the past, traveling to Pai may have problems for many people, especially salary man who doesn’t have private cars yet. Someone has it, but they are not good enough at driving about 1864 carves. Nowadays, traveling to Pai is very easier than you think.

However, traveling to Pai is not the main article that I will mention because I have written in the article of Chiang Mai – Pai already. This occasion, I will mention about how we go around Pai when we arrived. It has to be worthwhile for a long trip.

First of all, roam around Pai

The question is how we will travel without a private car. Indeed, the private car is not necessary for traveling in Pai since Pai is a very small city.  Presently, all roads are connected. Every tourist attraction has guideposts sporadically, so motorcycle is the most suitable vehicle for traveling in Pai. Furthermore, don’t forget that there is lots of people flow in pai during the festivals. Therefore, traffic jam is a certain problem. Another problem is many tourists scramble to eat and tour. I am not sure that you visit Pai for what if you stay in the car for getting the cool air.

Street Walking Pai Thailand
Street Walking Pai Thailand
The use of a motorcycle help you travel to everywhere in Pai easier. In addition, you can touch the Pai’s weather extremely, and reach the destination before others. That means the opportunity that you have more time to go other places all around Pai such as Pang Aung and Ban Rak Thai.
Where can you rent a motorcycle? The receptionist in your accommodation will arrange for you. The cost is about 140-200 baht a day that depends on the cost of each place.

Apr 1, 2015

3 Days 2 Nights Tour of Similan Islands with staying on the boat

The Similan Islands tour was another trip that I expected to do. At this time, I traveled to stay in Phuket for 1 night at Sleep Room Guesthouse before went to Phang Nga. In the morning, the van picked me up to Thup Lamu Harbor, Pang nga for travel to the Similan Islands.

You have to try to understand a little that the Similan Islands consist of many islands. Therefore, if we call Similan Island (Koh Similan), it’s incorrect. You have to call them Similan Islands” (Mu Koh Similan).

I departed from Thup Lamu Harbor for diving at the first site in front of Se Island. The boat took me to dive two sites in the morning. Then I went on to dive two more sites in the afternoon.
Each dive site depend on the consideration of the guides who are stationed in the boats that where they can take us to dive. Moreover, they must check the height of waves and many factors. Don’t worry about these because we can dive every site that they told certainly.

The popular dive sites in the Similan Islands are Se Island, Jed Island, Pad Island (Huang Chang Bay), and Kao Island (Ta Kea Bay). If it is possible, I would like to recommend you to choose the 3 days 2 nights tour of the Similan Islands because you can dive, watch views and beaches, swim and rest completely. It can tell that clear Similan.

The residences on the Similan Islands were the national park’s residences where had located on Se Island and Pad Island. Food and toilets were provided, but the electricity weren’t provided from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. There were two types of the residences – namely tents and rooms.
Another option was sleeping on the boat overnight that it anchored in front of Pad Island. These potions depended on considerations of the travel agents’ management. Thus you should ask them clearly.

Mar 28, 2015

Koh Phangan and Koh Tao Thailand

I took 24 seats VIP bus from BKK to Koh Phangan.
From BKK to Koh Phangan was quite far,so I sleep to the destination
koh phangan thailand
koh phangan thailand

One hour was fast while I was strolling around waiting for furry arrival.

Apr 18, 2014

Taling Chan Floating Market Bangkok

Floating Market Bangkok

floating market bangkok
Taling Chan Floating Market is one of the most popular tourists destination for both foreigners and local visitors by the reason of convenience to arrive. It locates opposite of Taling Chan District Office, Thonburi, Bangkok on which opens on Saturday and Sunday. In the Floating Market there are small shops sale food, fruits, clothes and hand-made souvenirs.
But the highlight is a lot of Thai foods, sea-food, fresh fruits, deserts sold from venders on boat, the traditional Thai floating market, and eating tables are provided on quay. If we'd like more fun we can ride on boat to both next to markets, Khong Lat Ma Yom, and Bang Sa Phan floating markets including orchid garden.

Feb 27, 2014

koh mak island best place to visit in trat thailand

ko mak island thailand

Following NAIHUA (me) 3 days and 2 nights trip to Koh Mak in Trat province Early morning before sunrise on 18-20 Feb, in my country we call before cock awake us, I was headed to Anusawari Chai Samoraphum (Victory Monument) where was the bus station BKK-Trat. I fought the mosquitos with ticket seller for a while , until the bus was ready to go at 4.30 am. The fee was (300 baths) per person (full bus can go immediately).

Feb 16, 2014

koh larn pattaya thailand

On the occasion of my birthday I planed to give a nice present for my own, backpacking alone to koh Larn where I once made a trip with my friends. Yee Ha!

I catch min bus from the Anusawaree Monument to koh Lan at 7 am. The bus queue was parked next to Century Department store. The bus was comfortable with kindly service on reasonable charged 150 baths for one round.